About Purah Solutions

Where did we come from?

Purah Solutions was formed in 2017 with the goal of providing services others might not have thought of.  As new markets have opened up, our business has evolved to include essential services, real estate, and charity work. Our mission is to connect people and businesses

The name, Purah, is based on a Biblical character, who took an unusual course of action, trusting it would lead to victory.

Just like our namesake, Purah Solutions strives to join forces with those who challenge the status quo and are willing to look beyond the expected to reach greater success, in life and business.

Business people working in office and collaborating


If you’re looking to work with a company, you need one with character and integrity. At Purah Solutions, you can expect:

Loyalty – We do not take your trust lightly. We will look for solutions that are in your best interests.
Responsiveness – We make connecting with you and your needs a priority.
Good customer service – We will work with you until we find the best solution for your business.

We want to see you grow your income and your network. Purah Solutions can be part of your success story.

Daryl Dyck

As owner and founder of Purah Solutions, I have a passion for connecting people who need things with those who get things done. I’m a big-picture person. I love to dream big and work hard. I like playing sports (not watching, so much!). My creative side has led me into a few home renovation and flipping projects. And my wife and children are my loyal champions!

I have worked in the oilfield and power engineering fields. I’ve spent years working away from my family, pouring my time and effort into someone else’s success. When I began to see an opportunity in the marketplace for services that everyone truly needs, my perspective shifted and Purah Solutions was born.

It’s my dream to continually be reaching out, connecting people, and making success happen, for my clients and my family.