Purah Solutions

A customized approach to your property management and essential service needs.

Purah Solutions helps real estate investors, businesses, charities, and individuals reduce expenses and increase cash flow.

Book a complimentary consultation to see how we can help you grow your bottom line.

Essential Services

Do you want to save money, or even earn a rebate, on the services you and your business use every day? We will look at your gas and electricity, internet, home or business phone, payment processing, and security expenses, and find the most cost-effective plan for you.

Property Management

Do you own one or more properties in the Central Alberta area? If you’re ready to hand over the management of your rental properties, Purah Solutions and their partnering team will provide a customized all-inclusive package that meets your needs.

Charities and Non-profits

If you run or manage a non-profit organization, you know how important your budget is. At Purah Solutions, our goal is to reduce your necessary expenses while providing a secondary source of income to help meet your financial goals, all without having to ask your donors to open their wallets again.

Our Mission

At Purah Solutions, our mission is to connect people, businesses, and organizations in a way that is mutually beneficial. We want our clients to see growth, both in their bottom line and in their network.
We value personal development and are always looking for ways to serve our clients better.

Essential Services

At Purah Solutions, we offer a complimentary review of all the bills you and your business have to keep paying, no matter the state of the economy. When you can’t cancel the service, it pays to look for the best deal with the most benefit to your bottom line.


  • Internet
  • VOIP phone systems
  • Home security
  • Gas and electricity
  • Payment processing
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Are you frustrated by high prices, confusing bills, and not being able to get answers to your questions? When we go over your options, we’ll give you everything you need to make an informed decision. And we’ll keep up on the latest news and pass the knowledge on to you.

As a third-party partner with local companies, Purah Solutions will work on your behalf to get you the same or lower rates. Plus you have the opportunity to earn a rebate on a portion of your own bills. And if you own multiple properties, see how our services work together to bring you even bigger savings.


We value your success and satisfaction!
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Contact Purah Solutions today to learn more about where you can reduce expenses and increase cash flow in your home and business.

Charities and Non-Profits

Are you consistently looking for ways to raise the funds to continue your valuable work? No matter how generous your donor base is, your growing efforts come with growing costs. And in the current economic climate, many people have simply reached the end of what they can give.

At Purah Solutions, we have a desire to see charities and non-profit organizations thrive. We know you’re doing important things in your community, and we want you to be able to continue helping and serving.

So how can we help? If you’re ready to think about a new solution to funding your charity or non-profit organization, book a complimentary consultation with us. We take an innovative approach to reducing your essential costs and adding income without running another fundraiser.

Contact us today to learn more about this powerful way to expand your outreach.